Sunday, May 27, 2012

Opal the People Challenged Mule

I've talked about Opal before.  The people challenged mule.  
Seriously.  She dislikes humans.
Well.  Most humans.

Tonight she gave me the giggles.  I went to see Badger and thought I'd brush him a bit and check on his breathing.  He'd been listless all day and he managed to perk up when I haltered him and led him into the 'catch' pen for some grooming time.

I however did not chain the gate behind me.  Next thing I know, Opal has stuffed her muzzle in between the gates and is pushing it open.
I reach over and pulled it shut.

As I am pulling, she tucks her muzzle into the metal frame and gives it a hearty push as if to say...'Oh NO you don't!'

Well, if she wanted to be groomed that badly, then who was I to say any different?
I relented and let her in with Badger.

I curried her until she shone.  She may have even liked it.
Badger stood quietly and watched me curry his now 'favorite' molly mule.  I keep them together so Badger isn't 'lonely'.
We put Fred in with them and he is the outcast.  He loves to pick on Opal, who loves to hide behind Badger.

The people challenged mule let me rub her ears tonight and run my hands over her poll and face.  What a great old coot she is.  I think had I gotten my hands on her at a much younger age we could have had something really special together.

I think we have something special going on right now!
Just gotta love mules!


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