Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its all about Fractals!

Fractal art is stunning in my opinion.  It is not everyone's piece of cake, but it intrigues me because the possibilities are endless.

You take a 'Fractal Program' and literally design your own abstract artwork.

You can take images you make in a fractal program and combine them in any image editing program and come up with some stunning and unusual.
I have found some unusual and extremely beautiful fractals done with the Mandelbulb 3D program, the following artist is extremely talented in multiple programs.

His name is Jorge and his blog is called 'fraktalblog'.  You should stop and browse his artwork and check out his links to other blogs and websites.
I stumbled upon his artwork and am glad I have.  He has pointed me into some new and exciting directions with Mandelbulb 3D.

I have just downloaded the latest version of  Mandelbulb3d v1.7.9.3which can be found here:
There are many tutorials that go with this program that can also be found at the following link.

I just enjoyed experimenting with one of the new parameters included in this latest version.
Dodeca Torus.  I call this my Dodeca Torus Star.  I did fool with the formula a bit with this.


  1. thank you very much for your nice comment. i feel flattered :))
    I agree with your post that is curiosity and the awareness tht this world (the fractal world) is infinite.
    you have an big imagination and talent too.
    keep doing like this!!
    jorge :D

  2. Thank you jorge, it is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance through the blogger world.
    Your artwork is incredible.