Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty in the Sky

Grandma was one of those folks who tended to take this little girl and point things out to her.

One day I claimed I was bored out of my skull.  It was the mid 1960's and we had no running water, no TV, no phone, and aside from beating the crap out of my sister at Crazy Eights [card game], there wasn't much to do in the afternoon.

Chores and garden weeding had been done.  Nothing an 8 yr old could do anyway.  

I hadn't gotten 'old' enough to take my brother's bike and ride the country roads,...yet we could explore the woods if we were brave enough.
Sigh. It was a magnificent day for the clouds.  Grandma pointed that out to me.

'Watch the clouds,' she said. 'Find formations, find animals, use your imagination!'  Harrumph.  Well this 8 yr old did.  And found she was hooked on clouds for the rest of her life.
I found that the clouds and the sky were something incredible, yet taken for granted.  We should never ever take the heavens above us for granted.
If one watches close 

the always changes.  There is always something interesting going on above.  Even at night.
So I took up cloud watching with enthusiasm.  Now I need to learn the names and 'kinds' of clouds.

I know Grandma said these were 'horsefeathers' and predicted rain within 24 hrs. [Grainy but you get the idea...]
The sky and the clouds are a beautiful thing.  You should take time out of your busy life [yes, Follow My Own Advice!] and take time to watch the beauty of the clouds and sky.



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Lynxun said...

Wow Wow Wow !!! I have missed yo so Much!!! every time I drive by the Genoa Plant i say I wonder how Val is doing ?? we really really have to get together in real life I miss you ..and Oh my god for these cloud shots AWESOME!!!!