Monday, May 21, 2012

Mandelbulb 3D Not a Quite a Box Parameter

I found an interesting parameter on deviant art by Hal Tenny who is quite the artist as far as Mandelbulb3D is concerned.
He calls it twisted cage and I snapped up his parameter, found here:
and decided to see how I could modify and change it.

After twinking around with the formulas I came up with something that reminded me of the album cover from Tubular Bells from the 1973 album of the same name.  It doesn't look exactly like it...but okay, the fractal turned out pretty cool in my opinion.

I like finding interesting or even dull parameters and then adding my own touch to make something quite different.
I'm finding many different things I can do to change the original parameter.  I added _gnarl2D with a strength of 1.5 to get this effect in place of the original #1 Formula, it was purely by accident.
But it was a happy accident all the same.

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