Monday, June 28, 2010

Tomfoolery with mules

Well the rains had quite for the day, more were predicted for the evening of the 25th.

We grabbed Fred and Badger and decided to go for a ride to explore the damages done to the area by the flash flooding.
Fred is a small pony sized mule, he has been with my husband probably as long as my elderly mare has been with me.
My husband can get away with all sorts of goofing off on Fred.
He kept laughing while riding ahead of me, calling out....

*Look no hands!*
Show off!

We just mozied along looking at the windblown trees and the places where the rushing water had flattened the underbrush on the sides of the hills.
We also checked out the berry crop and spent some time filling our mouths with ripe black berries...and yellow raspberries!

We stopped and looked down on the 'back valley'. Water was still rushing through the sandy bottom.
In our experience one does not try and ride through a newly flash flooded valley, the ground may still be unstable.
So we sat on Fred and Badger and watched the scene below.
We were quite surprised to see a Blue Heron who screeched and made Badger stand on his toes for a moment or two.

On our way home, my husband decided to entertain me with riding backwards on Fred.
Yes...a bit of Tomfoolery!


mj said...

Good Mule Fred!
The sidesaddle, without a sidesaddle, was really impressive.

Val said...

I really thought he was going to fall off, but at least the drop wouldn't be far...