Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farming, Fencing, Eatin' Berries

Him: Good day for workin' in the woods.

Me: Uh, yeah, okay.
[thinking about all the other things I really wanted to do].

But re-fencing that section of land that had been utterly destroyed from the flash floods and straight winds of 2007 should be a priority.
The berry briers have tried to reclaim the forest floor.

There is a lot of great grazing under the canopy of trees especially for donkeys who think multiflora rose and berry briers are a delicacy.

So we piled supplies into the skid steer so we can get closer to the area we need to work on.
Now, our terrain is steep, very I figured someone...would stop the skid steer at the edge of the meadow and we'd hoof it the rest of the way.


After getting me extremely nervous [I followed on foot], hubby stopped the skid steer. I had my doubts as to whether or not he'd get back out of there.
Especially with the soft ground underneath.

Well off to work.
We hiked to the creek and worked on the edge of the bank.
After giving me a lecture about not working too close to the edge, we began to work.

Oh and that 'weed' whacker he was using has a saw blade on when it says 'Caution' on the back of that...

Well I wonder who should use more caution...the person operating it,
or the person assisting in clean up...
It is wicked, but does a great job.

Edge of the creek bank with a 20 ft drop off outlined in pink:

We got half way through what we intended to get done. The brush was thick and twisted from 3 years of free growth.
After finding a place to rest in the shade and finishing off our water, I wandered around and picked a bowl full of black berries to take to work tonight to have as a treat.

No riding for me today. Morris would have come on this adventure, but we worried that he wouldn't stay out of the way of the wicked little saw.

Oh yeah...

You know that I mentioned that I'd gotten a lecture on not getting too close to the edge of the creek bank?

The lecturer did, but lucky for him he didn't fall into the rocky creek bottom. He just sort of slid about 4 feet down.
I knew better than to make any 'smart' remarks.

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