Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was raised with them as pets when I was a young kid.
We got our first dog when I was in 6th grade, I think.

When I visited with my brother and sister in law [my trip to Virginia], I had fun watching their three cats.

All three cats are from the same litter. Each very different with their characters and personalities.

While sitting on the front porch and sipping a 'mint julip' [okay, I didn't, but felt like my beer should have been one!]...I watched the cats who are 10 years what cats do best.

Cat antics.

Marmalade hunted.
Silver played.

Bailey stuck her head out the door and ran back inside to seek out a quiet place from the 'invaders' [which were myself and my son].
Baily doesn't like people and has the greatest 'ugly' faces ever:
Marmalade, the great hunter, loves to take over one of the kitchen chairs and dream about his big night hunts.
He also has a tendency to leave gifts for his humans:
Then there is Silver. She is pretty straight forward and very playful. If you leave your bedroom door open at night, she may just decide that you are good to cuddle with.
I'm not yet convinced that I could trade my playful and sometimes boisterous Jack Russell for a cat, but they sure did make for some great laughs and fun opportunities with the camera.

The first photo is edited with Topaz and cropped from Silver's photo.

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grandma Jeanie said...

Beautiful Cats. I have one cat. He is playful and fun to watch. He torments my dog constantly and gets poor old Nana in lots of trouble.

Your pictures are excellent as always.