Monday, June 07, 2010

Running in Virginia

Although I am NOT the runner my son is...I am an occasional runner with a large tendency towards hard hiking on trails in the woods...

I did go running on the 'common' grounds in my brother's neighborhood with my sister in law yesterday.

I ran in my Five Finger Vibram shoes.
After using them exclusively for over a week I can say...for me, they are awesome.
Running the trails with wet grass, mud, rocks, roots, and gravel was fun in them.
I leapt over berry briers sticking out into the trail and enjoyed the feeling of running like a kid.

I haven't worn shoes since last week at my job. My feet are very happy.

So how are my legs and feet after running about 2 miles yesterday?
Just fine, thank you.

The Five Fingers may not be for everyone, but they sure do work for me.

However, I will sincerely miss hanging out in my brother's pool now that I have to fly back home today....


mj said...

Sounds to me like you have had a nice break from your day-to-day. Run crewing, new foot wear, kinfolk, .... travel home safely!

grandma Jeanie said...

Happy for you to have a nice vacation. I am interested in your shoes. Where can you buy them?

Val said...

Grandma Jeanie, I'll have to send you a link for the shoes, but I'm off to work in the next few minutes...

My time in Virginia was pleasant, fun, exciting, and wonderful.

I am very tired, but very fulfilled.