Friday, October 20, 2006


From this to This
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I rarely say alot about my grown up kids here, but here goes a short one.

Pictured is my youngest son in 1990 and currently. I have two sons both of which I love so dearly and both who have lives of their own. I am happy for the both of them and of course like any mom, wish to see them more often.
I also realize that not interfering with their personal lives is a good thing.
My oldest son is married to a beautiful woman and they make a wonderful couple. They are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I am thrilled and can't wait.
One of the toughest lessons I've learned as a parent is to let your kids go when they are ready.
I look back at old picture albums and wish to have some of those days back, but it is not possible.

For my boys--I sure do love you both!

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Rachel said...

That's a good lesson, Val. It's hard to get through, but I think in order to have a good relationship with your adult child, it's what you have to do. It's the hardest thing in life though, that's for sure.

Your boy is very, very handsome. :)