Friday, October 06, 2006

Fishing lessons

Tying a hook
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Of course of fished most of my life. I had no interest in it after a childhood of 'harvesting' fish for winter. I always enjoyed going out on the lake with my Grandmother and just holding a cane pole.
I didn't know how much I'd enjoy it as an adult until this year when we started going out on the Mississippi. Long quiet momments where we sit and have our own thoughts.
Silence with each other is comfortable, broken with a splash and a zipping noise as one of us catches a fish and reels it in.

The scenery is fantastic and the lunch [bologna, cheese, and ritz crackers] are always wonderful. We never leave the river before the sunsets. Hubby knows I just love watching the sun go down over the river.

Yesterday I got a lesson or two in tying a hook onto a line. I don't think I'll ever get it quite the way 'he' does it, but mine stays on just as good as his.

Haha...I didn't lose a hook AND a bobber yesterday!

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