Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fall by the Creek

Fall by the Creek
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Today the winds howled and the snow blew as a Northeaster raged through town. Swirls of icy white crystals attacked my face and glasses as I came out of the office. I lifted my face into the wind and felt the cold air hit me...curiously I was not disappointed.
What I mean by that is that I've been dreading the onslaught of winter for the past few weeks, but today I decided to embrace it head on. After all what else am I going to do?

Other news:
I'm working on my final week in my software class. What a whirlwind this has been. I've come away from class with a ton of knowledge or so I think until I have to 'use' it again!
I have my last ride of the season coming up this weekend. I'm prepared to ride in very very cold weather!

I really miss dad. I wished I could have shown him the cover photo I got on Mules and More magazine. That wasn't quite as exciting as getting a featured photo in Endurance News. It would have meant more to me if Dad could have seen it. I'm sure he is nodding his approval from up above...or wherever he may be!

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