Monday, October 16, 2006

First snow fall

First snow fall
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Whoever said that Friday the 13th was unlucky? I never believed it until this one!
Snow, sleet, rain, and high winds produced a real mix of madness around here.

Young geldings got into the wrong pasture along with the 'older' geldings. They all whooped it up and got in with the older mares on PeeWee's. Trees were down, fences were down...Badger and Fred were having a hay day as Cheyenne was playing floozy and enticing the poor fellas.

After many headaches and several mumbled curses, we sorted everyone back to their proper places and had fences back in place.

I did however get a nice walk in yesterday and enjoyed the weather while the sunshine lasted.

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Rachel said...

Arrrgh! I can't believe you have had a snow already. I'm so super jealous. :(