Saturday, December 31, 2005

Miss Ariel

Grand daughter
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She is the highlight of Grandpa Rich's life [course I can't say she has NO effect on me!] I have discovered that being a Grandma is one of the best things that can happen to you!
Everyone was sleeping in the house--napping if you will from the big dinner served for our late xmas celebration.
That just left myself and Ariel. I couldn't find her gloves, but she wanted Grandma Val's anyway. And she always wears them on the wrong hands...also insisted on Grandma's ugly Fudd hat with the brim turned back and tucked down under the hood so the flaps protected her ears.
What a pair we looked like walking around the house. Ariel in her oh so pretty perfectly matched snowpants, jacket, and boots...
Well and Grandma in her chore coat with an old ugly scarf tied around her head. Ariel found 'pictures' for me to take, and we stomped in the snow and got the sleet blown on our faces.
All in all it was the best part of my weekend so far.

Hmmm, but my shoulder is saying--Grandma should not carry Ariel no matter how she insists!

I wish I could be a full time Grandma!

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Liz said...

children are wonderful at that age. she's just so darling and cute in her snow gear.