Thursday, December 08, 2005

My tree

My tree
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I've been confined to the house for a while b/c of two torn rotator cuffs...yep left and right. The left is hideous, but I am doing therapy and strength exercises to help it.
So I have been concentrating on wrapping gifts, decorating my living room and doing the physcial things I can.
Today hubby has promised me a trip to Cabela's sport shop to get my much anticipated xmas gift...snow shoes.
Even with my injury, I NEED to get outside! I love taking pictures and just walking.
I hope to ride this weekend, my therapist said as long as it doesn't hurt...
I will switch to an English saddle so I can put it on Badger without hurting myself...and then do a snowy ride...
Getting more snow as I type.

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