Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warm day!

Well, I guess it was the January thaw. However there was not much snow to melt and I was surprised at how dry the ground is. Normally we are plunged into mudsville by any temperatures above freezing in January.

Since the temperatures were nearly 40 degrees, I thought I'd see if Morris would walk the Merry Meadow with Dixie and I.

After all, Morris used to go with us every time I took Dixie out.
Here is a photo from 2014. Even though Dixie is huge compared to Morris, she has never run him over or knocked him down.

And here is Dixie as a puppy with Morris showing her the way...

So I thought, why not? Maybe Morris won't decide to just turn around and go home if Dixie is with.

So off we went.

Some views never seem to change.
Though Dixie never bumped Morris or tried to make him chase her. She just did her thing and he did his.

We managed to get around the whole meadow before Morris decided to head home.
And believe me, when he decides it is time, there is no stopping him.

Morris will run away from me when I try and put the leash on him. There is nothing to do but follow.

When we got to the house he went to the door and sat. Dixie sat next to him. I let Morris in and then went to doing the early afternoon task of filling the stock tanks.

Dixie assisted and while I waited for the large stock tank to fill I spotted Scout's tennis ball in the yard where the snow melted.
I picked it up and tossed it for Dixie.
I hadn't played fetch with her since she was a puppy. I wondered if she'd remember.

Talk about being surprised!

Well, I was. She had a blast. I threw it several times. She lost interest after about 10 throws. Her nose picked up something in the garden and she had to investigate.

All of the animals were sunbathing and lounging in the nice winter break.
We are about to plunge back into rainy foggy weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain/snow or something.
Then the temperatures will plunge in to the single digits again.

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