Friday, January 05, 2018

Miss Dixie ~ and Mr. Morris

Just because I am writing about Dixie, doesn't mean I love Mr. Morris any less or that he is not wanted!

After all, he spent the past weekend basking in glory on the couch with some of his favorite people.
He is the essential lap dog and commanders the couch most of the time these days.
He went out to play with Scout on one of the subzero days and the two dogs chased each other until suddenly Morris couldn't move. Scout's feet got cold and Morris could barely walk.
Since then Morris has been quick to do his outdoor business and back to his perch on the couch with the polartech fleece blankets.

Dixie is my black and tan hound dog that was never trained to hunt. She does have a nice cozy outdoor house that is bedded deep.
I thought she would like to accompany on a hike to go get the mail yesterday.

At first I was afraid it would be too cold for her, however she rarely stops moving long enough to get cold. ...Well, except for digging for mouse nests in the meadow grasses!

Now there has to be a classic Dixie 'Ears Flappin' shot in any hike we go on. I just adore those hound dog ears.

After checking around for mouse nests and digging one or two up, we went up through the woods towards the road. This is often how I get the mail in the winter. I can incorporate a hike up the to the ridge through the woods and effectively stay out of the cold winds.

I must say, Dixie sure does a lot of running and joyful leaping on our hikes. She is always the happy hound. It is very hard to get a good shot of her with the snow and bright sunlight too.
We went up the trail and onto the road.

Deer hunting season is over in our area so Dixie and I can resume some of our longer hikes. I don't want to go very far right now as the median temperatures are hovering just below zero.
I would hate to have Dixie injure her feet in this cold.

We made it to the road. I had forgotten how much I converse with my hiking partners when they are dogs. I keep a running commentary with Dixie.

"Good girl Dixie! You are the best!"
"Come here let me hug you!"
"Oh dear Dixie, you could use a nice bath!"

I must admit, she is a stunning dog. Every time she hears my voice she wags her tail even if she is concentrating on something she scents in the woods.
Note the green collar. It is a training collar. I only use it if she takes off chasing deer. However I discovered on this dead end road that hunters had been tossing deer carcasses into the woods.

Dixie couldn't contain herself with all that dead stuff piled under the snow. She raced down into the woods and started digging up deer bones. I only had to 'touch' her once when I yelled "NO! Dixie!" and she dropped the bones and came back to my side.
I hate it when people use dead end roads to dump things.

However, I do love having her company. Who wouldn't love having this charmer walking with them?
She really helps complete the beautiful scene.

We leashed up when walking back towards home. She is one of the easiest dogs to walk on leash.
She never pulls. Ever.

Here I just stopped walking and asked for a 'sit'. I must say that she has been one of my best students for dog obedience.

Dixie is my 'velcro' dog when we are on leash. And she is very huggable.

Just look at her face.

Yes, we did get the mail and Dixie spent time with me while I was choring and watering the stock tanks.

Morris? He is doing pretty good. His health is slowly declining. I can't wait for a warm up so we can take some walks together with Dixie like the old days.
Although, probably not the running and chasing they used to do together...


  1. I really like Dixie! She is a beautiful dog and looks like she is fun to hike with. It doesn't seem like many people have hounds like this for pets, but I once had a bluetick, and I know what great dogs they can be! I am happy you have her. The frigid weather is particularly hard on the old dogs (old anything), and I am watching Scout every second that he is outside. Warm weather is coming here on Monday! We can't wait!

  2. farmbuddy, I've understood that hounds are particularly good with people. After having Redticks, Walkers, Redbones, and Black and Tans. They are all usually so people friendly and willing to please. I find them easier to train than labs and other sporting dogs. However I of course love them all. Morris is not too eager to be out at all.
    How is your Scout doing?

  3. Love Dixie! I'll bet she loved hiking with you.

  4. Yes she did and she'll be out with me most every day now!

  5. How does Dixie not become airborne?? lol