Tuesday, January 02, 2018

There is no Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing...

Norwegian Saying....
"Det finnes ikke darlig vaer, bare darlige klaer."

It says "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."

It is also meant to be said by me with a smile on my face. I will hike in rain, sleet, snow and an occasional ice storm. I dislike hot and humid sticky days. But I do love the outdoors and winter often offers some incredible scenery.

This was two weeks ago on a mild day. The temps were below freezing but still it wasn't bone chillin' cold.

The Kenosha Gang and I bundled up and went back this weekend.

The river had mostly frozen over. Coyotes had tracked along the edges, but the ice was not thick enough to cross over.

There is something to be said about dressing for the weather. Cold wicked weather can become enjoyable.

What can I say? We found our hike out of the wind and along the Kickapoo River in the valley rather decent. Sure, if you sat still and didn't do anything, you ... would get cold.
We of course packed all sorts of emergency supplies and planned our outing so that we'd never be more than a 15 minute rapid walk back to the vehicle.
The actual air temperature was somewhere between -2 to 1 degree F.

Photo Credit: Daryl Clausen ~~ This is a photo of me pulling my mask down to get some 'fresher' air.

New Years Eve morning we decided to head down to on of our favorite places to see the sunrise.
It is along what the locals call Blackbottom Creek.

The median air temperature for the area was supposed to be -5 degree F, however ... it felt much colder.

I took some photos but should have brought my mitten/gloves instead of just gloves. Pulling my gloves off was not a good idea.
However my friend Daryl had worn his waterproof Mudruckers and stood in the stream.
I am not quite that crazy. My hands were cold so I got a few photos and then proceeded to walk around to warm up.
The geese.

The tree and the stream.

That afternoon we took a short jaunt along Awesome Creek.

Even the cold creek bottom provided entertainment and laughter.

And a good time was had.
Had no one dressed properly for the weather, it would have been a very unpleasant experience.

I have to chuckle. Today it got up above zero. I felt like spring had arrived!

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  1. Quite the difference in the ice on the river. It's too darn cold, Louie!

    I'm impressed that anyone enjoys it. You make me see cold weather in a different light, but I still don't like it! lol