Monday, June 12, 2017

What about Bob?

I had some very favorite animals here on our place.
All of them were quite loved.

But here is Bob.
Quiet and gentle Bob. Bob is 14 years old and the father of Sundance.


As with any stud one should always be careful.
Bob stays because Bob is just...


I can handle him and take care of him. He has perfect manners.
I thought about gelding him, but the vet said it would be risky. So Bob doesn't leave. That is quite the commitment. Bob could be around for another 20 years easily.

I was asked recently why would we keep any of these animals? Fred is aged 30-something. He has been with my husband since he was 2 years old. Fred, that is...
Plus the grand kids have all learned to ride on Fred.

Siera. She is a fine gentle 12 yr old mule. She has a gentleness around children that makes me sigh. And my grand kids can ride her. Ariel rode Siera last year and they got along quite well.

Sunshine. Sunshine was born literally in my lap 17 years ago. My mare Cheyanne was having trouble and I went out to help her. She has matured gracefully and has become one of my best rides ever.

Mica. Mica is ride-able aged mule, but has some health issues. She will stay here until her health takes her away.

But Bob. Why on earth would you keep Bob? A Donkey Jack?

And I say. Why not?
Besides, Bob thinks I'm a good person.
He even gave me a cockeyed grin yesterday after his bath and grooming session.


Lori Skoog said...

I give you credit for being able to part with your animals. I know I could not handle it. Are the ones you just named all that you have left now? Bob is lucky that you and your husband are so loyal to him. He looks like a sweetheart. It was very hot here today and we are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow morning. I had Gary put the air conditioner in the Studio so my students don't melt tomorrow.

Val Ewing said...

It was not easy nor was it an easy decision. We took over a month to make decisions. Bob and the others are ones we are keeping along with 15. I don't want someone to grab him and geld him risking death nor do I want him tossed into some willy nilly breeding program.
Part of the reason for the bath was the heat.
More baths I think tomorrow.

Older and wiser said...

Bob is adorable!