Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I finally got out this morning and parked at my sunrise spot.

I have hesitated and not gone most mornings because ... well, Rich had his stroke early morning. Had I been gone at work or had I gone for an extended outing of sunrise photos, well...
the story would be different now.

I was happy I went as it seems today will be rainy. Well, that is what the weather folks say.

The gnats were horrid though.

I tried a long exposure combination and you should have seen my arms swatting at the gnats trying to get into my ears and into my brain...ewww...

I'm sure if anyone could have seen me they would have thought that I lost my itty bitty mind.

And maybe I have and maybe I haven't.

I rushed through what is normally about an hour of watching the sun come up and enjoying the views.

But I still had a beautiful quiet time.

And everything was fine when I got home.

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