Monday, June 05, 2017

Break Time!

Late Thursday night/early Friday morning my son Ed showed up with his dog Teslin.
Teslin and Morris have known each other since they were pups and are about the same age.

Ed wanted to come and visit and help me clear some brush back from the fence on the Merry Meadow Pasture.
He brought his brush cutter and very powerful weed wacker.

He worked on Friday from his laptop and as the day heated up, I turned the air on. What a temperature change! It went from cool and nice to HOT.

When he finished work, we went at the berry briers and multiflora rose which seems to creep in from the forest.

The dogs had gone with us. Morris wore his bell which has really helped me figure out where he is all of the time without having to look. The dogs tongues were hanging out and they kept trying to get comfortable in the shade. Teslin thought that she should dip into the thick underbrush for shade.

We stopped for a rest. I looked at what we had done in such a short time. I was impressed. Without Ed's brush cutter, I wouldn't have gotten far on my own.

I thought it was too hot to continue. Besides, it was my birthday and I'd planned a nice meal for us.

Ed and Rich visited while I made supper. I looked at the forecast for Saturday and decided that we really wouldn't do much then either. The forecast was for very hot conditions again. However the humidity would be very low.
I figured that this weather with no rain and good breezes would make the farmers very happy. A lot of farming would get done in hopes of catching up to a cold wet May.

And as expected. The heat was on for Saturday. LaCrosse, Wisconsin broke a heat record of 97 degrees.

However after breakfast Saturday we were out on the porch waiting for the neighbors to come down and visit when a red Mini Cooper drove into the yard.
Ed's wife had come to surprise us!

The look on Rich's face was priceless and I'm sure that I was surprised also. I ran across the yard and gave Joy a huge hug. She'd been on duty as a firefighter the previous 24 hours and had left work to drive up and surprise us.

Sunday came too early. Ed and Joy helped me finish up some much needed work that I hadn't attended to as I'd been too busy with doctor appointments and other errands.

Finally things were just starting to feel like they were getting pulled together.

After the kids left, Rich went to lay down and I sat on the porch and "Painted some cheer" on some of the wood blocks left over from last year's house remodel.

I pondered my upcoming week as I picked colors out and swiped them onto the wood.
Appointments, phone calls, taking the car in for maintenance work, garden, fencing, ads for sale, hay, ...
A day away from the farm would be nice too. A day hiking by myself with my camera would work out perfect.  Okay, maybe just a few hours.


Lori Skoog said...

Happy Birthday! Having some help was a nice present. Those last two photos are absolutely off the charts!!!!

gtyyup said...

Morris looks as handsome as every! Happy belated birthday too! I feel your life struggles through your they're written. You need some time with that camera to revive yourself. Take care~

Sue Nichols said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Val. I agree with gtyyup, more camera time and walk time with Morris will do you some good. I know your plate is full right now. Not that it helps much, but those of us out here who care about you, understand what you are dealing with and hope for you, a break in the action. You are a very good wife, mother and friend. Take care of yourself, too.