Sunday, June 11, 2017

15, The Wonder Horse.

Well. The pressure is off. The equine are sorted out and a huge hay bill no longer looms on our horizon.

However that is not the point of this blog.

 I called the mule gang out for a brushing session.

 After brushing, they wander off...except...

Siera who decided to heel me and ask for more attention. 

Lil' Richard cleans up the rough spots

Rich felt pretty down when the others were loaded up and left. I felt a pretty huge sense of loss and change. However, it was necessary.
Pedro went with a team penning gent who fell in love with his color and attitude. Pedro, Willy, and LeRoy are headed off to school. They will have jobs to do also.

I went to the paddock where I am keeping 15 right now for easy access. She goes inside when it the sun is hot in her paddock and comes out for most of the day.

After supper was cleaned up I told Rich that I was going to brush 'his' horse and apply some bug spray to her legs. I would also like to pick out her feet and practice with her a bit more. 
With all the changes in the past three days, I thought a distraction would be nice.

Rich came with the spray. He'd been complaining that it was too hot or too buggy, or too...something and had been ready to go in for the evening. Afternoons are very hard on him. He says that his brain tends to 'misfire' late in the day. And it does. Late afternoons and evenings are tough.

Once he got into the paddock with 15, she perked up and her eyes and ears followed him. He talked to her and told her with mixed up words what he was going to do.
She listened to his voice and relaxed as he sprayed her with fly spray. And she didn't move a muscle.
I took the halter and lead rope off from her and handed them to Rich. 
I turned to leave her pen.

Rich didn't leave. 

He began to run his hands all over her and talk to her. I think she loves his tone of voice. She doesn't mind it if his words are mixed up, she doesn't care if he forgets part of a sentence or stops mid sentence because the words won't come. 

She stood like a statue while he walked around her and talked quietly. He then put his arm around her and leaned into her. She didn't move.

Then he put most of his body weight into her side. She simply sighed and licked her lips.

This from a man who has never had a particular fondness for horses. 
He has always liked them, and treated them well. But mules were his 'thing'. 

15 makes him smile. I think she makes him feel whole.
Who knows?

And does it really matter? 
All that matters is that she is the little Wonder Horse.


Older and wiser said...

Awesome post. It sounds as if 15 is Rich's therapy horse. Must not be a coincidence she came into your lives when she did. I marvel at the workings of the Universe.

Sue Nichols said...

Very touching, Val. Your observations about 15 providing Rich with healing therapy is spot on, and on some level, 15 The Wonder Horse, knew what was happening, too. I send healing thoughts your direction. I know this past several months have taken a toll (physical and emotional) on both of you. Change and Challenge, that's a combination that leaves a mark on you. I hope for some relief for you both, and many more tender moments like this one. Thinking of you. Sue

Lauren Tracey said...

Love this post! Rich definitely cherishes the animals that you both still have. It is great to see him working with her. I agree with the other post that she is like a therapy animal for him. Beautiful!

Lori Skoog said...

How sweet is this! Rich and 15. I agree with the comment above...she is his therapy horse and I have a feeling she is going to bring him so much pleasure. You too!