Thursday, February 02, 2017

Still Life while the winds blow!

If you think I have a fancy studio for some of my still life work. Think again.

I do have a room now that I can gather my stuff together and leave it while I get distracted for something like, um, let's say, doing chores, making supper, or going hiking.

My go to backdrops are made out of simple cardboard, an old tablecloth, an old rug, and sometimes some velvet scraps I've had in my sewing stuff.

I have a bowl of beads and old fake pearl necklaces and other items that I toss into the mix. I bought a mix of flowers at Walmart that was a bit past its prime. The rose petals began to fall from the flower and I thought the petals were a perfect addition to what I was working on.

I have done most of my 'work' using the existing light from the bedroom window. On cloudy days the light is very subdued and on sunny days it is harsh in the afternoon.
I used a fold up chair and some black velvet for one shot. I leaned some black cardboard up so the pale wall wouldn't show when shooting the rose petals.
After I was done I realized I didn't have the perfect focus so this one really didn't make the 'cut'.

But the concept was nice. I did use some heavy handed editing to remove the dust and grey portions of velvet that showed up in the photo. I used the Perfect Brush in ON1RAW to help with that. What a handy and quick tool it is.

Before brushing...
Next time I try this I would like to have everything in much better focus.

I did end up with a very nice shot however after trying a few other things.
Edited version below with texture from an abandoned building.

Arranging Still Life is still a mystery to me sometimes and I often don't spend a lot of time making an arrangement. It seems to work better if I don't think about it too hard.

So while the wicked winds blew outside, I was in the spare room playing with items.

My husband says I have too much time on my hands. He may be right this week as I was off for his surgery that got cancelled. However I did sell a piece of artwork so I guess it wasn't a complete waste of time.

And then there is my small skull collection...
Opossum in the middle and ground hogs on the outside.


Lori Skoog said...

As usual, I am very impressed. All of the photos are great, but I love the first one of the petals and rings the most!

Val Ewing said...

Thanks so much! I do like the petals one and need to redo that one.