Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Well Love is a Hound Dawg...

So who can resist those flopping ears, the wobbling jowls, the wagging tail, and the awkward galumphing of Dixie?

I was going to go shoot some still life shots just for something interesting to do. At the last moment I chose to bring Dixie.
That changed all of my plans.

Dixie played and ran and was pure joy. I had to just simply observe and enjoy her antics.

In the photo below you can just barely see her as she really blends into the backround.

She got muddy as all get out by climbing logs and at one point she fell into a wash.
She popped up and shook off. Tough dog.

Dixie can't help her nose. It is fantastic without a doubt. She can track me, but she can also find interesting carcasses. This was a doe at some point.
I would love it if Dixie could find antler sheds.

She was so very good about the whole thing. She picked up some bones and chewed on them until I got there...climbing under nasty prickly stuff...

I told her to leave it. And she dropped the bones and we went on.
I collected the skull for an art project later this year. I deposited it in a place where I could come back and get it.

We found other deer parts spread out through the valley. Most likely coyote kills or careless hunters.
This land is now leased during deer hunting season and I am not an advocate of certain kinds of hunters who shoot and don't find their animal.

After our adventure, Dixie and I went to visit the of the ridge neighbors...she was curtious, kind, and lovable to the little kids. I know my next indoor dog will be a hound.
Dixie would have been an indoor dog, however, before the remodel, we did not have room for her AND Morris.

Big Dog. Huge Heart. Lots of Love.


Lori Skoog said...

So where does Dixie live? Can she come back in now that you have a lot more room? She is adorable!

Val Ewing said...

Dixie lives in her dog house. It is big, warm, and comfy. She loves watching over the yard and keeping an eye on the animals.

Lori Skoog said...

The man was shot by a father and son who were out coyote hunting. It was pitch black outside and I can't imagine why he was looking for sheds in the dark. He also would go coyote hunting in that area, but not that night. I don't know if he was carrying a gun or not.

Val Ewing said...

Those stories really don't jive at all. You don't hunt coyotes at night unless you have night vision gear. You really don't hunt sheds at night either, though I would pick one up. How bizarre!