Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Night Stalkers of Ice

Our fearless co-leader, Daryl walked ahead of our night hiking group.
My neighbor, Lauren met up with us at 8:30pm. Her kids were asleep and her hubby watching live stream video.
Daryl and Amanda's girls were watching a movie.

All was peaceful as we headed down into Awesome Creek. Well. Peaceful as can be with three women gabbing and hiking through the snow.

We got to the Ice Wall and I set up a tripod and the camera. Daryl used his flash light to light up the ice wall from behind the ice.
We used a red light for a bit of drama.

Then he lit up the wall for me. could we not resist us three gals lined up at the wall with funny faces?

Daryl set up my camera...

And took the shot...

The Night Walkers!
Okay, the three of us gals hamming it up in the dark next to an ice wall in the a creek.
Being goofy and letting our hair down was the whole point of leaving the kids behind.

We were all surprised with the speed that we could accomplish with just the four of us. I made a comment that sometimes having Morris along was like taking a 2 year old on a hike. I constantly had to keep an eye out for him and keep him under close watch. Morris always has his own ideas of where we should go.

In no time at all we'd reached the crossing.
I set up my camera and we took some amazing night shots.

The shots with the DC 2017 are from Daryl's cell phone. Some cell phones today are incredible and amazing aren't they?
The shot in red was ice lit up by a red light.

We spent a fairly long time experimenting and looking at the ice.

I decided to take them back to my 'office' chair in the woods and see if we couldn't get a group shot.
We had fun trying to get this shot to come out okay. This time, I remembered to bring the flash for the Olympus.
However, I'd left the spare batteries at home. So this is nearly the last shot I got before the battery warning light came on.

Daryl used a flashlight to light up his beard nicely, don't you think?

We went to the 'Curve' in the creek past the campfire ring, picnic table, and grill. Yes, there is about once or twice a year that someone actually comes to this spot and camps or cooks out.
It is pretty rare though.

I explained that we could go down further in the valley but it wasn't quite as interesting as this part of the valley.

We decided that it was time to lighten the load and have our adult beverage.

I mean, who can resist a Spotted Cow on a cold winter night while standing on a rock island in the middle of an icy creek?

We even had the smart brainy idea of trying to chill one of the beverages... a bit more...but it nearly washed away as it was partially empty.

We decided to try a group selfie and then head back up stream to explore the eastern part of the creek.
And have more fun adult time.

we did.

Late that night after the goodbyes were said on the porch and we all went to bed...
I lay awake and thought to myself.

This was one of the most interesting and fun events I've had in a very long time.
I was happy.


Lori Skoog said...

What a crew! Such sports (and a little crazy) to be out doing this stuff.

Val Ewing said...

I don't know if crazy is the word. It is just a new way of exploring winter and all that it has to offer.

Daryl Clausen said...

I couldn't have had more fun doing anything else. You just can't beat a good 'ol adventure with great people, a few drinks, and alot of mother nature!

Lauren Tracey said...

Had an absolute blast & met some new pals! Cheers to future adventures! Feeling lucky to be able to explore with such amazing people. 😃🍻