Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Just some Sunshine

Our wonderful red headed Molly Mule Sunshine and I took a ride yesterday. She has been sort of 'neglected' in the riding department. That is what a two year mane growth looks like on some mules. Wild and crazy.

I saddled her up and we rode in the winter pasture. Since she hadn't been ridden in nearly two years I thought it best not to just take her to the woods.
Let's say, she did brilliantly. She didn't want to take the bit at first but a bit of lunging helped with that.
Then she dropped her head into the bridle and she sighed.

Her sister is an elegant and beautiful red molly mule. Sundance.
It is time to get her started under saddle so hubby and I can ride matching mules eventually.

Sunshine has sort of been an overlooked mule of ours. She has proven herself time and time again to be very reliable under saddle.
I mean really...she is very dependable!

This is a shot of about 8 years ago. Hubby took Grandson Dennis for his first mule ride on Sunshine I believe.

But I wanted to work with Siera and get her to be an incredible mule and since Sunshine was so easy and so well behaved I let her sit.

I can't believe the weather for this time of year. November 1st and I wore a tank top when hiking in the woods!

I can recall some really cold starts to November!

I guess I won't complain.

I'm hoping to take advantage of this week's nice weather to brush up on riding with Sunshine. She makes a good little winter riding mule also. So after deer season is over I'll be working with her and her sister.
Perhaps this is the year I get Eddie the donkey under saddle too.

Too bad that 4H won't let kids show mules in the Horse Project. Mules seem to get a bad rap and I don't think they deserve it at all.

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