Thursday, November 10, 2016

Freedom is...

Riding with an excellent mule.

Sunshine and I went for a long ride yesterday. We rode through the neighbor's forest and along some old logging trails.

After watching the elections the night before and going to bed before there was a 'winner'.... I woke up at 2AM and found out who the president elect was.

Now I am not going to go all political on this blog. I was concerned and interested at the same time. I wondered how the rest of the world and our citizens would react.
Some would rejoice, others would be sure that the world was about to come crashing upon our heads.

I read how fraught some people were and how happy others were.
I read that our country would go to "hell" in a handbasket.

And because I am not good with words regarding politics, I just designed something.

And later on I went riding with Sunshine.
We rode for a very long time.

We explored.

And in my personal world things got set right.

I know I live in a country that allows me more freedoms than others. I know that our government has checks and balances.
I know that sometimes change is frightening and sometimes it can be good.

I don't know what will happen in the future, but I do know I am okay with it today.

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