Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I am a Wander-er

Yesterday I had to go and change the SD card in the trail camera and put new batteries in it.

So Morris and I decided to just wander around a bit. I brought some snacks and we took a nice long hike through our creek bottom.

I found some huge coyote tracks. Rich said they could have been the 'wolf' that had been seen earlier this year. I'm not worried much about a wolf except when I have Morris with me. I'll bring a tape measure and see exactly how large the prints are and photograph it next time.

Then there was some quiet time where Morris wandered around close and watched me stack some rocks.

Rock Stacking. Rock Balancing. 
It isn't something I'd do on another person's property, but it is a nice calming thing to do. Plus it is fun. 
Or you can use it to mark a trail or spot you want to visit again.
My visitors last 2 weeks ago left some stacks for me. I enjoyed it and it made me smile when I came across it yesterday.

This stack left by my friends. It makes me smile!

Eventually I took Morris back home and deposited the SD card near the computer to look at. I went back out to explore the area in the back of our property and check out the deer stand back there.

A word about these deer stands. I think someone crazy invented them.
However, I went way way back to the second deer stand on our property.

Hmmm. I made sure my back pack was secured properly and then checked to see how secure the ladder felt.

Not too bad!

Once I was seated I took a look around. I really felt that I should have been facing the north, but then I suppose if I were sitting up there and a cold north wind was blowing, it may not be a good idea.

I thought that this was a new and interesting perspective. I'd have to keep this place in mind this winter. It would be neat to climb up, get safely seated and take some interesting shots.

I sat and listened to the woods. I really wished I could see one of those large bucks walk through. That would be fun to 'shoot' with the camera.

A squirrel ran up and down the trees close by and was too quick for me to actually grab a shot of him. However some gold finches were kind enough to alight on some berry briers.

The shot isn't great, but it was fun trying to 'capture' them.

I decided about an hour before sunset to go back home. The air was cooling off and I needed to check on all of the stock tanks. Hubby had gone to get a check up for his upcoming surgery on his eye lids, so I was 'in charge'.

Some girls met me on the way through the summer Dexter pasture.

My camera battery was dying so I whipped out my cell phone and took a shot.

One mule, one horse and lots of sky.

Belle and her gang were lazing around in their bedding. 

I noticed their water tank was low.
My day of Wandering was done.

Time to get to work.

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