Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Secret Place

On the third stop of what we now call our 2nd Annual February Outting and Hiking Trip, we came to a place that we found by looking for State Natural Areas.

According to reviews, it was hard to get to and required some hiking skills but was worth seeing.

Our one regret is that we didn't stop here first.
We used our GPS's to get close and when we figured out that we saw the State Land signs, we were good.
We parked and got out.

I listened and we could here the wind in the towering pines all around us.  The land sloped down to the west of us and we headed that way.

We entered a Hollow of sorts with huge rock formations and a granite field that looked like a giant had tossed the boulders and rocks about.  Amanda and I found the small stream running over the boulders and began to explore.  

Daryl and his daughters went to the rock formations and began to explore.
Pretty soon we were all there checking out the bluffs and rocks.

Amanda's oldest daughter climbed down and headed back to the little creek.
We kept exploring as we made our way down to where we could here the creek running in the bottom.

We had no idea of what we would find.
Were we ever suprised.  I think my jaw fell onto the rocks.

This is Daryl Clausen's photo from his phone:

Here is another photo from his 'phone'.  The composition was spot in.  I am amazed at what smart phones can do!

We ended up exploring the ice formations and the creek below the bluffs until we ran out of daylight.

This is a 10" exposure of the area.  I sat on the ice as the sun disappeared over the next hill and tried to catch some of the fading sun's reflection on the spot of open and running water.

We decided to make our way out of the 'gorge' or Hollow and discussed that we would be coming back to visit and not just once.
There was so much to explore and we had not given ourselves enough time for it.

As we began to climb out, we began to make more beautiful discoveries which made is even more determined to come back next winter.  And even perhaps this spring if we could.

Needless to say we didn't take the easy way out which made it so much more interesting.
I couldn't help but stop often and try to get that perfect shot.  Photo courtesy of Daryl Clausen.

Here is a shot of the 'Rock Tumble' that we climbed over to get back to our vehicles.  Again, shot courtesy of Daryl Clausen.

I want to call this Natural Area 'my secret place'.  I don't want it to become too popular and overrun by crowds.  I don't think it will happen as it doesn't have a real easy access.

I want to thank the Clausen family for arranging our "2nd annual Winter Hikes".  I hope to get some more hikes with them this summer and most definitely look forward to our next Winter Hike!


Daryl Clausen said...

This place was great! Again, thanks for sharing this weekend with us. I was pleasantly surprised to discover ice on such a mild weekend, hopefully it'll be a bit chillier next year.

Older and wiser said...

Wisconsin sure does have some pretty places! Love the pictures.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I love finding secret places like that. It looks like a great place to explore.

Val Ewing said...

To Daryl, it was such a pleasure and hopefully we can get more exploration next year, I have another place to check out too.
Dancing Donkey, it isn't really secret but we felt that way!
Older and Wiser, sure was so much fun, thanks for visiting!