Saturday, March 05, 2016

Story Telling

Let's admit it, I am a kid at heart.  I like toys and telling stories with photography and toys.

One of my most favorite photos of toys is this one of Morris's toys riding in the Tonka Truck.  I took this in 2010.

I don't know where my silliness comes from, but it keeps occurring.

A year or so ago I started a photo/toy challenge with my Grand daughter Ariel.  We had fun thinking up photos with captions with different toys.  I started with a collection of My Little Ponies and eventually graduated to a collection of 'Wild Animals'.

Doe became my main subject.  Doe is always looking for a home.  Along the way she finds various friends to help her along.  

Stinky became Doe's guide in a way, helping her to stay out of dangerous areas.  He tells Doe that living in a parking lot is not a safe place.

New friends always appear on the scene.   There is a buck that Doe meets during Rut Season.  His name is Bo.  Is there romance involved? We can only guess.

Then a dinosaur gets into the act. Very strange that Doe would befriend a Velociraptor, but in the Toy World, anything goes.

My new neighbors enjoyed my idea and the children got involved, on a hike they brought some toys and we even made things up as we hiked.

Suddenly the story got a bit more fun.
I began to look for adventures for the toys.

My neighbor's son decided that we needed a Val Barbie. So into their collection of dolls they went and viola, the Val Barbie was created.

She comes complete with short dark hair, glasses, skunk hat, coveralls, and a lego camera and Tommy Gun.
Now how fun is that?
Of course I need to find a way to put 'Val Barbie' into the ongoing Doe Saga.

Another family got involved in the story telling and this past weekend, the kids helped me set the toys up for a few shots.

They made some suggestions, and the Doe Saga took a strange turn.

At an ice formation, the kids set up Dino, Doe, and Bo.

Suddenly Doe is asked to make a choice between her two suitors, or she thinks she does.

Doe being Doe, decides to run off and think things through.  This causes an emergency in the 'Toy World'.

Val Barbie calls an emergency meeting at the Dynamite Box.

The toys gather and launch a search party for Doe.

So I can be found with toys in my camera back nearly on every hike or walk I take.

And the search for Doe has begun.

I must admit, I am having great fun.

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Laura said...

The skunk hat is wonderful!! :-)