Thursday, March 03, 2016

Baxter Hollow

Regretfully, I didn't have enough time to spend the day actually hiking back into Baxter Hollow.  I only had enough time to walk on the road leading into the Hollow itself along Otter Creek.

The road is closed off and there is a small parking lot to use.  I don't know if this place gets crowded or not during the warmer months.  I parked at Stones Pocket Road. Apparently there is another access on the north side.

There is a road closed sign that you will see first and off to your right is the small area for parking.
Once you walk around the gate you will follow the road for a mile before getting to the trail head.

You can view some interesting rock formations as you head towards Otter Creek.  At the bridge you get your first glimpse of Otter Creek.

And it is worth the short walk.

I wanted to get into Baxter Hollow, but because I didn't tell anyone where I was going and a lot of the trail conditions were pretty icy, I stayed on the closed road and took shots of the ice and the creek itself.

I will be coming back to explore this place more thoroughly.

I imagine in the spring it will be teeming with incredible wildflowers and I can't wait!

I've read reviews that the trail is faint and tough in may ways, but I spend time using deer trails as my own hiking trails in the land and woods that surround me, so it sounds just the sort of place I'd enjoy.

Besides, I like 'tough' and rough trails, they are so much for pleasing!

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