Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fun in Photography

Yesterday was an adventure in photography.

About a month ago, I sent my Nikon D40 to a 'good' home.  I had found a family that had both a mom and children that had a photography 'itch' and wanted to learn with something a bit more challenging than a Smart Phone or a point and shoot.

The oldest girl had saved up her own money to purchase a small Canon pocket camera to take photos for 4H last year.  

We finally arranged a time that we could all get together and take a 'farm hike' and explore photography together.  I brought some of my older cameras and we headed out.  The youngest got my nearly indestructible Fujifilm point and shoot.

Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.  Each of the kids saw and photographed the world differently. 

It was fun to watch them explore the world through the camera lens.

Of course I brought my little toys to help them figure out how to do macro shots of very small items.  They have invited me back for when they hunt morel mushrooms and to help them identify wild flowers in the forest.

The kids told me about the categories they could enter in 4H, so we talked about different kinds of shots they would like to do.
Mom casually mentioned that they could really use a good 4H leader in their group.  I raised my eyebrows.

I haven't been involved in 4H for over 20 years.  


I always love visiting their farm - my hubby buys hay from them and sometimes I go with and enjoy the views from their incredible ridgetop farm.

Mom said that we'll have to do this again.  I agreed.  All of the kids caught the 'Shutter-Bug'.  

We talked about sunrises and sunsets on the farm also.  I can only imagine how spectacular some sunrises are.  
Their farm sits above the Mississippi and has valleys on each side of it.
On many mornings, they look down on mist covered valleys as the sun comes over the horizon. 

I know I will look forward to our next Photo-walk and adventure.

I can only say that spending hours with enthusiastic young people really made my heart sing with joy yesterday.

I'm looking forward to doing it again.


christine said...

4H rocks and you will be the best roll model. I am working on my domain to spruce it up. I figure if I get some traffic, people read my poems and short stories they just might want to buy a book. Hope to be up and running on Amazon Kindle by the end of the week.

Val Ewing said...

Wow, that will be great!