Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Snow Fun!

Ground Hog Snow Day!

Thor shows off his 'SnowMuffs'

The snow came hard and fast with temperatures in the 30's.  Within an hour after we did chores, the critters that get flakes of hay were spending time looking for it.
That kept Siera, Thor, and some of the others pretty content while the snow came down with a vengeance.

Siera's Snow Coat

We had 3" to 4" within an hour. The schools had all been closed for the day. 

There was a knock on the door and my neighbor's 6 year old was there covered in snow.

"Val!" he said, "Can you come out and play? We are at MY house, you can come! Bring your Val Barbie Doll! Do you want to build a snow man? I want to build a fort!"

Well how could I turn that down!

The snow was coming down hard and fast and everything was grey-white.  So I headed up the driveway hill to find the neighbor kids and their mom.

We turned the snow storm into a play day.  We hiked and played out of the wicked winds in their woods.  We built a demented looking snowperson.

And I did bring the Val Barbie.  Carson had taken a Barbie doll and cut off her hair, mom created an outfit, complete with green coveralls, glasses, camera, and the Skunk hat!  The kids said I could have the doll and now I could play with them with MY doll when I visited.

Of course, who can resist a bit of silly fun with a Barbie like that?

After a couple of hours of playing in the wet heavy snow, I came home to bake brownies and relax for a while before chore time.

Rich laughed when I came in the house, covered in snow.  My coveralls were soaked as were my gloves from making snowmen.

Morris gave me the 'Stink Eye' when I sat down to pull off my coveralls.  He was going to hold a grudge against me for not taking him out to play also.

Today I promise you Morris, I'll get my snowshoes and we'll go hiking!

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