Sunday, February 21, 2016

Big Melt!

I took my Olmpus OMD M5 to take shots out yesterday.

I was again impressed.

I did some experimenting to see how well the Olympus would do with IR photography and long exposures.
I was not disappointed here either.

60 second exposure:

This is a line fence of my neighbors.  Morris and I finally got chilled enough to get off the wind blown ridge and down into the valley and creek area.

The sun came back out and warmed us up.

Morris is forever the patient assistant.  He will sit near me after we've been hiking a while and wait patiently until I pick things up and am ready to move on.

We were headed back home along the trail when I thought I heard the faint noise of water.
Naw, it couldn't be!

I called to my 'assistant' and he came running.  We were off to the rocky dry run.

And indeed we were in for a treat.  I set my camera bag with the Nikon in it on a log on the home side of the creek bank and then proceeded to climb rocks towards the sound of water with my Oly in my sling pack.

I was able to hear the sound of water coming off the ridge above.
So I thought I'd experiment.

I decided to try and use the video option on the camera.

This is the first time I've actually gotten a few good clips of the water run off.

I grabbed a few shots and then decided that I'd best head home.  My feet were cold and the creek was filling full of water.

Morris waiting for me:

I saw that look.  He was giving me the stink eye and wondering why I hadn't crossed yet.

Just one more shot Morris!

A longer exposure of the brown water swirling with the snow....
and then a shot of the creek bottom that had been empty just a half hour before hand...

This had been my second hike of the day.
I think I was pretty worn out, as was Morris by the time we got back home to do chores and make supper.

It was a great day.
I think I will be sad to say goodbye to winter.


Lori Skoog said...

That water is really moving! Beautiful many cameras. I Have just been using my point and shoot. What is happening with your remodeling?

Val Ewing said...

I have old cameras and I am giving my Nikon D40 to a 4H family that has photography as one of their projects.
I am down to Nikon and Olympus plus my old point and shoot.
As for the house, we may get started at the end of March or after the road bans go off. So we have to wait until heavy trucks can travel the county and township roads.