Sunday, February 07, 2016

Busy at the Farm

We had icy fog for the sunrise.  Sometimes it blankets areas and at other times it just provides a beautiful winter backdrop to a sunrise on the ridge.

The rest of our day was spent scurrying around taking care of things.  My intent was to go snowshoeing again but the forecast said it would warm up to the 30's.  The snow shoeing would have to wait.  Warm temps make the snow clog up on the ice picks and it is not enjoyable.

I quickly got the chores done and the laundry hung out to dry in the fresh morning air.

Hubby started the skid steer and we got the round bales put out.  As the skid steer was warming up I noticed an Eagle and a young eagle had perched in the tree above the summer pasture.
I wandered a bit closer to see if I could get a decent shot and cursed myself for not having my Nikon with the zoom lens.

But there you go, Baldy and Immature Eagle.

It isn't so easy to see from the photo, but I did walk up and get a better look. 

My next 'to do' on my list was running to town to get groceries.  

We were going to have nice weather so I planned on riding Siera when we got back. Our farrier said I could ride her and it would do her a world of good in helping her 'frog' redevelop.  It would be worse for her to stand around in the pasture.  As long as she didn't limp, she was good for easy riding.

And how funny is it that she actually kept coming to the gate as if to say, "Let's get going!"

The phone rang and all of our plans changed.  Hubby's truck was done.

Finally!  It needed new fuel lines and brake lines [the rusted brake lines were noticed while our mechanic was doing the fuel lines so he decided to replace them].

Well that changed the our activities for the rest of the day.  The mechanic shop is not close and it would be dark by the time we got back.  
Our mechanic has known hubby since his daughter was in school.  Let's just say that hubby knew the mechanic since Jim was a teenager.

What a good guy he is too.  So after we got to the shop, the men talked 'old times' and visited, reliving memories and telling funny stories.

I scooted out the door and headed home so I could get the chores done before dark.  The guys could talk for hours!

Bart, our polled bull was happy to see me coming with his hay.  He'd been laying down and chewing his cud until I came up the hill with a sled full of hay.

I headed towards the house.  And stopped by my snowshoes.  I certainly am hoping I get to use them more!  They looked as if they were waiting for me in the pile of snow.

I hope today, Sunday, I should be able to ride Siera!
Perhaps I'll just have to grab her and do a short bareback ride.  It should cure my craving for riding and her craving to get out and do something!

However the weather service is predicting some high winds move in.  So that may make our riding a bit less desirable.

NOAA has predicted blizzard conditions tomorrow for areas just west of us.

I guess I will wait and see what the day brings.

Opportunities are all over the place.  Winter is such a wonderful time to have a camera handy.

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