Thursday, February 18, 2016

Not Farm Clothes!

When I went to the Banquet the other night I guess I shocked my old neighbors as they'd never seen me in anything other than farm clothes or my work uniform.

I used to dress up each day for work when I worked as a Chiropractor's Office 'Manager'.  Really I did!
When I began to wear a uniform every day, I stopped thinking about what it was like to dress up.

I called upon my new neighbor though after this shot was taken and she gave me one of those neat fancy scarves I see women wearing now.  It helped cover up the wrinkly old looking neck of mine.

Now you probably can figure out why I don't like self portraits.  I'm just too critical of what I see in the photo.
I ignore my reflection in the mirror except to see if I need to perhaps comb my hair if I am going somewhere.

Normally with my short hair, it is easy to just toss on a cap instead of trying to do something with my unruly hair.


I certainly hope I did not break any monitors in this viewing!

Well, off to take care of some critters outside...IN my farm clothes!


Lori Skoog said...

There you are! Now that wasn't so bad was it? You look great and I hope you enjoyed your evening.

The Dancing Donkey said...

A lovely face to match the bright and vivid person. You look wonderful.