Monday, January 04, 2016

The Triple 4

It seems when I go hiking with my older son and his wife we always end up having an adventure of sorts.

On New Year's Day it was brisk and cold yet we loaded up in the Subaru and headed out to Ed and Joy's property so I could see what they had done in the past year.  They are cleaning up a parcel of land for their future house. 

Their address ended up with three 4's in it so it became dubbed 'The Triple 4'.

We first took a tour of the land and I'm sure my son will correct me if I am wrong, but I think the property is about 3 acres.  The work they have done to clean up and clear noxious weeds is great.

The Triple 4 is shaping up to be a wonderful place to build their house in the near future.

At one end of the Triple 4, there is a steep ravine in which a seasonal creek runs. It happened to have water in it because of the recent heavy Christmas rains and the snow/sleet/storm they'd had last week.

So we decided to try and get down the iced slope to the creek.  We all made it safely and I joyfully explored the creek with my camera looking for ice and water.

I think my son made the comment while I was laying on the iced snow to take the photo above that 'We can leave mom here all day'.  Yes I supposed he could have as I love creeks and water, especially when I can find ice.

Photo Credit: Joy

We ended up walking and exploring before facing the challenge of getting back up the ravine slope that was covered in ice.

Ed went up first, kicking toe holds into the icy surface and Joy and I followed.

No, I did not attempt to take photos of us climbing down into the ravine or out of the ravine, it simply was that slippery and a fall could have meant damage to my Nikon.

I left it in my sling pack on my back until I got to the top and turned to see Joy coming up the slippery slope.
How I do love adventures.

The next day we went to the Kenosha Sand Dunes.

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