Monday, January 04, 2016

Geology and hiking at the Kenosha Sand Dunes

We visited the Kenosha Dunes on our second day together.  I don't think most people think of Kenosha as having some very interesting areas to hike and look at.
But this is at least the second time I've been to the Kenosha Dunes and hiked it.

After last week's wicked storms, the winds and water eroded portions of the shoreline dunes and we explored them.

Ed pointed out the lines in the dunes which would mark changes in the lakeshore. I could be explaining it wrong but according to this sign the dunes were created with the glacial drift and the constant motion of littoral drift.

Okay I think that is about as much as I am going to even try to explain. Although I did find a photo which might help show it.

First we hiked the dunes.

And since the snow was glare solid ice on top, we 'slid' the dunes...

Then we got to where the shore waves during the storm had eroded the dunes.

Ed started explaining the layers of sands we were seeing and I was glad that we'd gone because even though I would have noticed the layers on my own, I may not have wanted to learn more about them if he hadn't been there.

Enhanced photo for detail

So perhaps these layers that go in separate directions were caused by shifts in winds.  The darker materials are different kinds of sediments.  We even found a very thin layer of very similar sized pebbles.

This was really cool.  And it was even more interesting to have someone along who could explain it.

This section had material that was similar to that of a peat bog in it.  We found ancient trees that had been revealed by the erosion of the waves and the winds.

Teslin however was herself and showed off her abilities to act like royalty.

To her it was a good day to be a dog and enjoy the beach and fresh air.

To me it was a great day to hike and explore with my son and his wife.

And last but not least, the incredible ice formations from over-spray or from the wind and the waves on the 29th.  There were some amazing displays of ice and trees.
The only sad thing is that I am too far away from this place to go on a whim to get some great ice shots.

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