Thursday, January 07, 2016

Can you come out to play?

I finished putting away the groceries and then stood in the kitchen and pondered my next move.

Old ladies.  I wondered, why in the heck was I thinking that???.  

Was I getting old?  I was going to be 60 in June.
I didn't feel old. I didn't want to think about it really. Ugh.  

On a whim I called up our 'new' neighbor and asked if she'd like some company.  She suggested we visit and play outside at the same time.

The kids had on their snow suits and we grabbed the sleds.
Time to take introduce them sledding in the Merry Meadow!

I paired up with Alli and Lauren paired up with Logan.  We rode from the line fence deep into the Meadow.
And we laughed.

And we screamed with joy.

And we bailed out and did face plants in the snow.

And we laughed more.  I felt young and happy.  This was much better than standing in the house trying to figure out what to do.

Alli does the 'bail' move.


After quite a few runs I asked if they'd like a tour of the Merry Meadow.  I explained that my Grand daughter Ariel had named it 'Merry Meadow' years ago and somehow it just stuck.

We took a long walk and I introduced them to the Dexter Cattle and Thor the donkey.
Thor granted us with a nice long bray.

The kids almost seemed a bit worn out as we walked back up the driveway.  

We had coffee and visited some more, then I headed home.

I'd had so much fun playing and sledding.  Kids keep you young, especially when you are my age.

I can't wait to 'go out to play' again.

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