Saturday, April 04, 2015

Take the Long Way Home

With so many appointments on our schedule with the VA coming up on our schedule, I took my camera and some favorite critters to go hunting for some beautiful signs of spring.  I probably should have been raking the yard or some such thing, but a 70 degree day in April?  

We found the skunk cabbage on the east end of the valley in 'its' usual spot and of course a mass of it growing around the spring.

Morris came along to help guide us of course, he knows all of the trails.  And since it was our one very warm day, he decided a walk in the creek was in order.

Siera was again extremely co-operative in leaving home with no issue what-so-ever!  Has she finally decided not to be herd sour?
Probably not.
I think she has learned that I take her out in the woods and travel all over my neighbor's 400 or 500 acres, and I always bring her home.

Here is a shot of our trail.  Yes it goes under that tree and curves around through the woods.
Well if you can't see it, that is all right too.  It is a path I keep cut out just enough for a person to walk through and mules to walk single file in.
You may even think of it as a deer path.

Years ago it was a cow trail.

Here is Siera's 'Trail Necklace' ... one of many I've made over the years.
I first started using a version of this with a mare named Cheyanne.  She was afraid of the noises of vehicles, so I bought bells and hung them on her.
It seemed the jingle of the brass bells calmed her.

Later I saw a fad of these being sold for horses.  I decided to find the old brass bells and make some 'necklaces' for my mules.

I like to put them on my mules sometimes.  I should do it more often.  Siera likes the bells and any wild turkeys or deer that are bedded down are long gone before we hit their area.

Less wildlife to contend with can sometimes be a good thing.

This view was taken when we used the deer trail to cross the gully above the ice cave.

Siera handled the mud-slop-slip-slide like she was an old pro.  I gave her lots of praise.

Which brought its rewards in the form of the first Marsh Marigolds in bloom!

We found these by a spring.

Our ride was fantastic.
Morris was tired.

We took the long way home up to the ridge top and down the road.

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Lori Skoog said...

Lookin' good out there. I love the idea of the "necklace." So smart for many reasons.