Saturday, April 18, 2015

Seeking Bloodroot and Leeks.

I hope to find these pretty soon!  One of the very first flowers to come up in the woods in the spring.  That is ... after the Skunk Cabbage which doesn't look anything like a flower but still technically is.

These I found on the 15th in our creek bottom.  They are just emerging here so the ground must be much colder in this area.

That means in order to find Bloodroot flowers I'm going to have to find some hillsides that get a bit more sunlight.

You'd think after years of looking for them each spring, I'd have figured this out.  Nope, it didn't occur to me until the other afternoon while I was out with Morris.

Who posed for a cookie!

Look carefully in Morris's eyes.  You can see me holding up a dog treat to get him to sit still and look up!
He was too busy to stop and let me take his portrait otherwise.

I've looked back in my photography records on Flickr and the earliest I've ever found Blood Root in these woods has been April 20th.  So, perhaps I have to be a bit more patient.

it is only two days until the 20th!

The leeks are coming on strong though and I may collect some young ones to chop up and mix into some scrambled eggs.

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Lori Skoog said...

Yep, I can see you in your pup's eye. He is such a cutie.