Saturday, April 25, 2015

Little things in the woods...

I had to have some fun in the woods.  I found these Star Wars Figurines in box of things that my youngest son left at our place when he moved out after a brief stay.

The figures are metal and actually quite heavy and very small.  I thought it would be fun to place them among the new growth in the woods.

While doing that I found some beautiful ferns that were just beginning to come up.

And I found groups of Blood Roots!

After my walk in the woods, I went home and did some work in the flower beds, moving some iris plants and hostas, along with some chives.

I noticed the Creeping Charlie was beginning to blossom.

I know that many people try to rid their yards of these plants as they are considered a nuisance to some.  I don't mind them at all, the tiny flowers are pretty and we simply mow over them.
They are pretty drought tolerant too.

Then lastly, one of my favorite yellow flowers!

The Happy Dandelion.


The Dancing Donkey said...

Dandelions, yippee! Those are still a ways off here since it is snowing again:(

Val Ewing said...

OH no! NOt more snow! :(