Sunday, March 29, 2015

Afternoon Delight

What do you do when it is cold, windy, and it is March?

Well, Siera started to 'talk' to me when I walked across the yard.

She did little mule grunts and nickers.

I took her out of the muddy paddock and started to clean her.
Her mane was full of mud and hay particles.  
So carefully cleaned her mane, then took the scissors and tried to clip out a section for her bridle.

Oh dear.  I didn't stop there.  I pretty much butchered her mane.

She turned away when I pulled the camera out of my pocket.  I think she was embarrassed by my lack of hair cutting skills.

No matter, at least I could see her head when sitting in the saddle.

And off we went for a ride on the ridge to visit anyone else that might be out and about in the 'neighborhood'.

What a delight it was to ride Siera who had decided that this was an adventure for her too.
She had no hesitation regarding leaving home.

She stretched out and moved along as if this was a part of a normal routine.

We stopped and visited with one of the farmers.  Her dogs kept moving around Siera as I stood there, holding her rein.
Her dogs are cattle herding dogs.  And they thought Siera or I should be moving for them.

My neighbor stroked Siera on the forehead and kept saying what a nice calm mule she had turned out to be.

I had to agree.  Siera and I have worked towards becoming a 'team' for quite a long time.  Finally, our work was paying off.

We took a round about way over the ridge and through some hay fields.
Siera never offered to argue about who was in charge and she was super willing.

I couldn't have had a better afternoon ride.


The Dancing Donkey said...

Now I'm even more jealous:) We still have two feet of frozen snow on the ground.

I am glad to see Sierra doing so well. All your work has paid off for sure, what a good mule.

Lori Skoog said...

Must be nice! Sierra is a real sweetheart!