Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Making up Stories

Around Christmas time I was visiting with my daughter and their family, when Ariel and I started to 'play' with her 'My Little Ponies'.  We took photos of them in her house and outside.

Ariel had duplicates of ponies so she lent me some of them.  Now these ponies have little markings on their flanks which help you identify them.
For the life of me, I cannot ever recall their names without looking them up.

So the deal was, we'd take photos of these toys in odd places and make up a quick little story about what was happening.

One day I grabbed one of my small figures of a doe and went out with a few ponies in my pocket and took a hike to the ice cave.

I took the above photo.
Now I had to come up with a short blurb of what it was about.

Rarity and Trixie stopped to talk to a very small doe who lived on the upper part of the ice cave on their last hike to the back valley ravine.

It was a rocky ride in the backpack but they did get out and enjoy stretching their legs and enjoying the giant icicles.

And it seemed that things started to expand from there.  I started carrying Doe and acquired a small skunk that I incorporated into the 'story' that was forming.

Doe kept getting lost.  The ponies had to keep finding her.  One day Stinky the Skunk came along to help.

And the story continued.  Doe needed a home and kept finding some of the worst places to live.

No Doe should not live in a bale of oats...

Then Doe and Fluttershy get lost.
And Stinky comes to the rescue to find them with several other Ponies.

Stinky and the Ponies go on a mission to find a good home for Doe.

They look at all sorts of places and then Stinky thinks they have found the perfect spot.

A Bird's nest in the Creek bottom where Doe can stay safe and out of the weather.

But Doe has other ideas.

Stinky and Smiley Pony try to tell Doe that living in an ice cave is not a good place to stay.  It is very cold and it will melt in the Spring.
Doe is not convinced.  She thinks the bird nest is a good spot too!

Doe just never seems to learn.

And yesterday, Stinky is horrified to find Doe thinking she should live in a parking lot!  Yes I know I am a bit crazy, but a little project turned into a 'story' of sorts.

Stinky ran up to Doe.
"NO Doe, you cannot live here! A parking lot is no place for a doe like you."
Doe didn't understand, she thought it was a nice sunny place.
She thought about it, Stinky didn't like her making a home in the Ice Cave at the Ice Falls either.  Stinky was pretty particular.  She wondered if she'd ever find a home.

When we were at Wildcat Mountain at the Ice Cave, some people came by and we explained what we did with the toys.
They climbed the ice and took photos of Stinky and Doe.  How fun was that?

So the story of Stinky, Doe, and the ponies will continue.

And A. Waite will continue to come up with fun photos for me to see...

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