Tuesday, July 08, 2014

What am I?

Sometimes I wonder 'what am I' and what defines me.

Some say a person is defined by what job they do.  I'm pretty sure that is not the case with me.
My job is part time and I don't feel it defines me at all.
It does say some things about my abilities but that is about it.

If I were to describe myself at all, I'd say I was an outdoors-person, and an animal person.

The week that the grand kids were here showed me a different definition of me.
A Grandma.
I think I'm a pretty good Grandma too.

Age has mellowed me and it takes me longer to get excited over the little things in life.  I am going to borrow a phrase that a friend said to me.  "If I knew being a Grandparent was going to be so fun, I'd have done that first!"

True enough.
I like my 'alone' time too.

I sometimes prefer to get lost in the woods and just wander around looking.  I absorb the forest noises.  The bird calls.  The wren who scolds, the cardinal who sings, and the lovely songs of the warblers.

I find my time with either a hound dog or Morris satisfying also.
I love spending time riding and training a mule.

Sometimes I think the house is just a place to sleep and make meals.

Oh, I should probably say that my husband is a big part of my life.  Yes, he is very important to me, especially since he mostly understands my 'need' to wander about in the forest in all seasons.
I think he secretly would like to himself but doesn't find it quite as interesting as I do.

Especially when I tell him about crawling through prickly underbrush to photograph some bright orange fungi that I spotted.

I don't yet know what defines me or how others see me.

Maybe I'll discover that when I grow up one day.

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