Saturday, July 05, 2014

The 4th of July events at my farm.

Well, I rode Fred, who was first to the gate.

We had our All One Mule 4th of July Parade in Folsom.

Fred and I rode out to the Folsom Schoolhouse and back.

We waved to 3 vehicles, 12 people, and passed by 5 farms.

At one of the places the kids came out to see us and wanted to pet Fred.

I convinced a 9 yr old to take our photo.

The day was perfect with perfect flawless weather.

When I got back home I went for a hike to check on the wild yellow raspberries.

The numbers are greatly reduced perhaps to winter kill?

Belle, the spook dog came to 'watch my back' for me.  She stayed within 10 feet of me and if someone else would have been anywhere near me in the woods ... she would have alerted and run off to hide.

My day was peaceful and spent the way I love best.  Riding and hiking. Who could ask for a more perfect day?

The Berries are not quite ready...

And the views from Fred's back as we rode the ridge were awesome.

One last note.  All these photos were taken with a crummy point and shoot pink pocket camera.

You don't have to have pro equipment to find nice shots!

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The Three Muleteers said...

Well done Fred, glad you kept up the tradition :-)