Friday, July 04, 2014

The All One Mule 4th of July Parade of Folsom

It began in 2007, but no one took the photos of the first solo parade ride.  
Badger and I continued to do this even when he was ill with Equine COPD in 2009.

2010 was his last year, we did a lot of walking in this 'parade' but still we did it.

In 2011 I took out Badger's little half sister, Sunshine.  She actually did very well, but I had my eye on a younger bay mule in training.

By 2011 I started riding the people challenged mule almost exclusively as my steady ride  Badger was no longer safe to ride.  His daily life was a struggle to breath and he was humanely put down.

Opal then took over, she actually enjoyed it.

Last year we really got decked out for the ride.  Opal loved being 'gussied' up.  She also never minded going away from home solo like Badger.

Last year was one of the most memorable rides as we were waved to and the 5 houses we passed...people wanted to come out and pet her.  Opal ~ so people challenged ~ would only back away and snort while I explained that she really had a hard time trusting people.

So this year, Siera is up.  She still can be a bit of a scatter brain when it comes to certain things, but she needs to fill some BIG hooves.

So in the memory of Opal & Badger, Siera will do her first ....

All One Mule 4th of July Parade in Folsom, WI.

And may you enjoy your holiday also!

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The Dancing Donkey said...

That's my kind of parade:) Waving and cheering from NY!