Thursday, July 10, 2014

Siera and I

Sometimes getting time to go for a ride seems near impossible around here lately.

Busy with the garden, busy with work around the farm, always...always something to get done.

So today while hubby hauled hay I went to the pasture gate and called.

Siera came strolling up as if it were no big deal.

She must have wanted some adventure in her life too.

Maybe she wanted to show off how nicely she has shed out and how shiny and beautiful her coat is.

Or maybe she wanted me to know that she just really is a great mule.

And that the view from on top of her is outstanding.

I did discover today that she prefers nicely wooded trails and really doesn't like the gravel road rides as much.

The last few times I rode her, we just traveled the ridge roads and she acted as if it were a big deal and there were monsters waiting for her in every ditch and culvert.

Yet when I pointed her down the old almost obscure logging trails, she just calmly walked and was totally laid back.
No trying to turn around, no tossing of the head, and she just dogged along.

I was able to dismount and take photos, or ask her to stand and I took them.

She was back to being a dream mule.

We went down this old trail that is covered in Maiden Hair Ferns.  I dismounted and tried to take some decent shots.  She stood quietly next to me as if she'd been doing this all of her life.

Of course she thought that sampling the overhanging leaves were something that I should try.

I had to laugh as this was one of Badger's favorite tricks.  ...Playing giraffe.

She was in no hurry and did not rush our ride.

Things to point out.
We were riding solo.
She was super easy going and not in any rush.  She was alert and helped me spot fawns and their does.

She didn't mind the low flying airplane that went over head.  I really don't know what that was all about.
But she was alert and happy.

She was alert to what I was doing yet every step was relaxed.

She was loose reined and completely  'with me'.

I didn't want our ride to end, but I know that I had things to get done at the farm afterwards and after letting her graze in the yard some, I put her back in the pasture.

She stood by me instead of running off.

Thank you Siera for making my day.  
Heck, for making my week!

Let's go again soon.
We'll do your favorite route again.

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