Tuesday, March 04, 2014

X Marks the spot

There it is! [In the trees at the top of the photo]
I never saw it until I came home and uploaded this to the computer!

How come?
I was concentrating on keeping warm, keeping dry, and not letting my camera tip over into the creek.

I used a polarized filter over a ND filter with a 20 second exposure.  Was I ever surprised at the clarity of the rocks below the water surface which would not be obvious if I'd use a fast shutter speed.

Anyway, X Marks the Spot has special meaning to me.
When Grandma Pearl used to take me fishing in the old rickety boat on Little Balsam, she'd row for a while and drop anchor.

I asked her once how she knew to stop at that spot.

She said, 'Oh while fishing the last time, this place was very good and I drew an X in the water so I could find it again.'

Yes, I believed her.  Never could find her X's though!


The Dancing Donkey said...

I love your grandmother's "x", and the photos. They are so sharp.

Older and wiser said...

I suspect Grandma Pearl put those trees there for you! That's a great story, Val. She sounds like a real hoot.