Saturday, March 01, 2014

Burning it up...

There it is, fractal - mania.

JWildfire and Mandelbulb 3d.

Oh let's not forget a bit of Incendia also.

Incendia uses all of my CPU power when rendering something.  But the program delivers some great stuff.  I usually use a fractal created by Mandelbulb 3D or JWildfire as a backround to it.

When the weather gets crappy and I get stuck indoors, I try and open these programs and play around.

I used to play with Bryce but after many tries, I have failed pretty miserably at it.

Today I've been all about wild and color.

Seems the gloom has gotten to me!
I look out the window and see snow coming down in droves.

So I wonder how my 'assignment' for this week of Long Exposure will work in the creek with a hard snow fall.

3" is our new surprise for today.

I'm ready to put on the snowshoes and take a quick trip down the valley and to 'the little' falls.  I'm hoping with the cold to find an abundance of ice on the grasses and rocks.

One can hope.

Anyway there is no wind and the temperature is nearly 8 degrees F!

So I leave you with some colors I've created today.
And go off to see what I can in the woodland.

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