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Fractal Artist Ricky Jarnagin


Please tell me a bit about yourself and a little backround so we know who you are.

My name is Ricky Jarnagin and I lived in San Antonio, Texas! 
Although I am a native Texan an a Proud U.S. Army Veteran. 
I took one art class in high school and never looked back! 
It was not my favorite class. 
I have dabbled in photography on and off for many years but never took any classes. 
I have been married for 33 years and have two grown sons!

What attracted you to digital artwork and why do you do it?

I watched the deviantart site for several years before getting up the nerve to join! I thought at that time my Gimp [free open source editing program] skills would get me by! 
I was so wrong! 
Then I discovered the wonderful Fractal art of Mr. Hal Tenny! I was blown away by the forms and detail of his art, so I downloaded Mandelbulb 3D and started playing around with it in 2011. I also tried other programs like APO but I just didn't like them. I am now a full blown Mandelbulb 3D addict!  

[This also answers the question of which Fractal Program is Ricky's favorite program!  Mandelblulb 3D hands down!]

*Growing in the Back Yard*

Do you have goals for you art?

I founded Xtreme Fractals on deviantart and ran the group until the membership reached 1000. At that time my health began to fail and I turned the group over to the current Founder "Ladycompassion." But the fractal bug had me in it clutches and refused to let go! So, I got on Facebook and created the Mandelbulb Maniacs group were we have almost 500 members now!
I have created many images since I began using Mandelbulb 3D and active try to get new users involved with fantastic FREE program. 
You can find Ricky's art presence all over the web:
There are probably more places you can find his work if you look hard, but Ricky has a very strong internet presence.  What I didn't really know until I began asking him questions is that I'd been watching him on deviantART as DsyneGrafix for a while now...and finally pieced the two names together just recently after joining the Facebook Group Mandelbulb Maniacs.
*The Mystic Muse*

Do you think that people need to be computer geeks to try these programs?

Mandelbulb 3D does have a steep learning curve, but not so steep the that average person can not learn how to create really AWESOME fractal images! 
There are many very well written tutorials that can easily be found across the internet as well as groups and forums that can answer questions for new users!

Note to reader.  If you are new to these programs or want to try them there are resources and many tutorials listed on deviantART, the Facebook Group Mandelbulb Maniacs, and many other places on the internet.
Mandelbulb 3D is free and can be downloaded at Fractal
You do not have to be a geek, I'm not sure I understand the program that well and I enjoy it immensely.

Ricky Jarnagin also sells his art at finartameria.
You can also follow him on Google+.  

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